Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Blue!

No, I'm not getting married (I have been happily married for 32 years).  But I thought it would be a cute way to categorize everything I wanted to "show and tell" this week.

First, we start with "Something Old"

This is a piece of furniture I was given as a gift around 30 years ago.  It is one of my most treasured pieces because, you guessed it, it has to do with needlepoint.  There was a furniture company in Grand Rapids, Michigan by the name of Carl Forslund Furniture.  Mama Peahen, Sandy, will remember them well, as Ada is a suburb of Grand Rapids.  This is a thread stand that they made out of pure maple wood especially for stitchers. If you ever see one for sale on Craig's List or eBay, buy it.  This was probably one of the best quality furniture companies in the country.  Did you know that President Jerry Ford insisted that his Carl Forslund chair be moved to the White House when he took office?  They were made specifically to your body measurements. If you have the time, Google them because it is an interesting story as to how they were made.

To use the stand, you just drape your threads over the pegs and you are ready to stitch.  Usually, if I am doing a background with plied threads, I will separate the threads and ply them back together and then I am ready to go.  I had to show off our beautiful iris in full bloom today, not with any of my help; I'm married to a "green thumb".

Now for "Something New"

I bought several new canvases this week.  I am very excited to get them all on stretcher bars and get started.

 Here's another "trick or treat" bag from Kathy Schenkel.  Thank you, Sandy/Peacock Alley for sending this and the Christmas Tree (below).

 A Teriffic Tree from Kelly Clark

A Happy Birthday canvas from Merry L Prints Designs.
This one is sure to be the perfect "stash buster".  Thank you, Amy Bunger for having this one in stock and shipping it out so quickly.

Last, but not least, an ornament from Jody.  If you have never visited Jody's Etsy website before, you should.  I sat here one evening and looked at all of the ornaments she has for sale that she paints.  Amazing!  Here is the link:  http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?q=jody%20designs&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US&ref=auto2&explicit_scope=1

Here's "Something Borrowed"

There was some discussion this week on Facebook about whether you should ask a LNS where you did not buy your canvas from to tape it for you.  I don't think either of my shops would mind at all, but here is what the owner of our LNS, Needlepoint For You, Lynne Bay, taught us and she will do it for you also.  She staples the canvas on our stretcher bars first, taps down the staples and then tapes over the canvas onto the frame.  I am more of a staple person than a tack person, so this is perfect for me.  Once you have the tape over the staples, there is no snagging your threads on the staples.

Staple and stretch your canvas onto your frame

 Miter your corners with the tape

 Fold the remaining tape down over your bar and continue on to the next side

"Voila!"  Perfectly taped edges.  Tape runs around $12 a roll online or in an art store, including Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. Pick some up and you can tape them yourself.  While you're there, buy yourself a staple gun as well.  Then when you receive your purchases in the mail, you can "DIY".

And finally, there was "Something Blue"

I have been working on this Painted Pony "Scotland" Angel.  Remember "Marine Mama" Sheena?  She was born and raised in Scotland, and I thought she might like a little angel of her own.

Well, that's it for this week.  I have a lot of stitching to do and holiday deadlines are looming, time to get stitching.  My thought for the week, whoever said that time moves quickly, has never waited for their needlepoint to come back from the finisher.

Have a great stitching week.

Hugs and Stitches,



  1. aren't you just the cutest?!?! love all your goodies!

    1. I am hooked on these darn trick or treat bags like I was the candy canes last year and this year. I have already done seven candy canes for this Christmas as gifts.

  2. Wonderful new canvases. I have the same thread holder. Got it about 35 years ago.

    1. Hi Linda, I must use my stand with almost every project. It just keeps me organized and it is a beautiful piece of furniture. Though my husband corrected me last night that it is hard cherry wood not maple.

  3. Hi Diane, have to ask who "Marine Mama Sheena" is. I have the same canvas and was also raised in Scotland :)

    1. Hi Sheena, Our friend, Sheena, whose maiden name is Rae, was born and raised in Stenhousemuir, Scotland. She lives here with her husband and two children. Her son is in the Marines and I just made him "Old Glory" angel, so that he can take it with him overseas this summer. When I showed a picture of her two or three posts ago, I refer to her as "Marine Mama" Sheena. She still has such a strong scottish accent after being here 25 years that my husband will tease her, that she is the only person that can make the word arm a three syllable word.

    2. Thanks Diane I remember the blog about the "Old Glory Angel", that was such a special Angel to send overseas and a wonderful post. Thanks for the update. I was raised outside of Glasgow, our name is not that common even in Scotland :) I can flip my accent back and forth. I will be looking out to see what you do with the Scottish Angel. Thanks for the reply and I love your blog.